Welcome to Yawabeh Traders

YaWaBeh AI is a fully automated trading robot designed for the MT4 platform. Utilizing advanced market analysis, it is engineered to maximize profits in the forex market with an optimal reward-to-risk ratio. Its ability to precisely calculate market trends and adjust its strategy accordingly, make it compatible with all regulated brokers and able to produce exceptional results.

In summary, YaWaBeh AI is an Auto-Trading Forex Expert Advisor that is compatible with all types of brokerage accounts on the MT4 platform, including Micro, Classic, Premium, Standard, ECN, Islamic, and Zero Spread accounts, and with any leverage above 1:50.

YaWaBeh AI offers the ability to trade a variety of instruments, including:
  • All Currency Pairs
  • Gold (XAUUSD)
  • Metals
  • Oil (WTI and Brent)
  • Silver (XAGUSD)
  • Commodities

We understand the importance of trust and transparency when it comes to investing in a trading system. That is why we provide the opportunity for potential clients to evaluate the real-time performance of our product before making a purchase. Our product has been highly ranked by reputable forex review websites and forums as one of the most consistent and reliable trading systems in the market.

We encourage potential clients to review our testimonials and speak with our support team to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of our product. At YaWaBeh Traders, we stand behind the performance of our product and are committed to providing the highest level of transparency and professionalism.

YAWABEH Traders is the sole proprietor of YaWaBeh AI and is not affiliated with or influenced by any other electronic trading systems or robots in the market. YaWaBeh AI is a proprietary creation, developed in-house by YAWABEH Traders, and is not a rebranded or repackaged product.
Our team has utilized a proprietary, highly effective trading strategy to develop YaWaBeh AI, which is designed to assist traders in achieving optimal returns in the forex market. We take pride in offering a unique and powerful solution, distinct from other commonly available trading systems in the market.
If you are interested in purchasing the YaWaBeh AI, we offer three different packages (GIGA, PETA, and YOTA) to suit your needs. You can choose the package that best aligns with the number of usernames or live and demo accounts you wish to own. To purchase, please visit the Buy section of our website for more information and to make your purchase online.
Once you have completed your purchase, contact our support team through live chat or email to claim your license. You can also download it by entering your password on our website. Our team is available to assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Our YaWaBeh AI is available in three different packages, each with varying pricing and trading limits. These packages include:

  • GIGA Package: 1 Username, 1 Real Account and 1 Demo Account
  • PETA Package: 2 Usernames, 4 Real Accounts and 4 Demo Accounts
  • YOTA Package: 7 Usernames, 14 Real Accounts and 14 Demo Accounts

We understand the importance of selecting the right package to suit your individual needs, and our team is available to assist you in making an informed decision. We encourage you to carefully review the features and limitations of each package before making your purchase.

Upon purchasing YaWaBeh AI, you will have access to the product for its lifetime. This means that there will be no additional fees or charges for the continued use of the product. Additionally, we offer lifetime licenses and 24/7 support facilities to ensure that you have all the necessary resources to maximize the potential of YaWaBeh AI.
If you wish to upgrade to a newer version of the product, we offer free updates for the first 2 times. However, an update fee will be applicable for the third update and any updates thereafter

YaWaBeh AI is available at three regular prices, as per users’ requirements:

  • GIGA Package: $399
  • PETA Package: $999
  • YOTA Package: Contact us for detail

Yes, you can buy a low-priced package and upgrade later by paying the difference between the prices of the packages rather than the full amount. However, you can’t downgrade your package.

While it is true that there are cheaper EA products available in the market, these products generally have a poor return on investment. They do not employ proper market analysis and trading strategies that are designed to enhance trading efficiency and maximize profits.
On the contrary, YaWaBeh AI uses proprietary, highly advanced trading strategies that are designed to take full advantage of the forex market’s potential. Its strategies are updated regularly to accommodate market changes and fluctuations.
Our product utilizes high-end resources and is supported by the latest technology to ensure maximum performance, reliability, and stability.

Instalment payments are not available unless they are part of a limited-time promotional deal. You can only make a one-time full payment to get YaWaBeh AI. We offer various payment options including AdvCash, Deel, Wise and Bitcoin/USDT. If you prefer to use a wire transfer, please contact us for our bank account information.

Upon purchasing our EA, you will receive a coding form from us. Once you fill it out, our department will code your license. We will then email you the EA along with a detailed installation guide. Alternatively, you may receive a download link with access details to a secured page on our website. If you still experience difficulties, our support executive will help you throughout the activation and installation process.

You will receive the AI within 48 hours after making payment and completing the license coding form. It will be available for download via an email link that will be sent to you or on our official website: https://www.yawabeh.com/download/

No. However, we do offer discounts on purchases from time to time, but no additional discounts are given to our buyers exclusively. To learn more about our latest promotions or seasonal discounts, kindly visit: https://yawabeh.com/promotions/

Each YaWaBeh AI purchase comes with 3 pricing options. We don’t accept custom orders. That means if you want to purchase 25 real accounts, you would need to opt for the YOTA package, which supports 14 real accounts and 7 usernames.

Upon payment, you will get the YaWaBeh AI, an installation guide, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, subject to our terms and conditions. We issue the license only once, based on the information you provide in the license form, which is unalterable. If the information you supplied is incorrect, kindly notify us immediately via email or through our live chat support feature.
Our AI comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the performance, we will issue a fast refund. For your request to be approved, it must be in compliance with our terms and conditions. You can send us an email or contact our service desk during the following hours (excluding holidays):
  • 12 PM to 12 AM – Monday to Friday
  • 4 PM to 10 PM – Saturday to Sunday
Include your first and last name, email address, server address, investor password, the reason for a refund request, and account number so that we can quickly investigate your case and do the needful if it meets our service terms.
All that we need from you to review your request are:
  • Product serial number/Customer ID number
  • Ownership details/Authorised user
  • Date of purchase
  • A complete trading history of the account where YaWaBeh AI was run
  • Journal history/log files
  • Expert history on your MT4 for the particular account
This information should be sent through email or delivered to our help desk. We will call you within 72 hours to handle your request and get more information (if needed).
We process the money and refund it back to the client's account within 7 to 14 days after receiving the request, using the same method of payment as was used to buy the AI.

Please read our T&C and user manual before making any claims. A few cases when you lose the right to apply for a refund are:

  • Please note that the Software is for personal use only. If you are involved in the distribution, copying, reproduction, exchange, modification, or selling of YaWaBeh AI, we reserve the right to terminate your license and deactivate the product with no refund requests being entertained. Furthermore, a strict legal prosecution may also be launched against the delinquent.
  • If you are using multiple EAs in the same trading account, performing basket trading or having manual orders, we are not responsible for any damages to your account. In such cases, even if your account completely goes blown away, your refund request will not be entertained by yawabeh.com
YaWaBeh AI is capable of predicting and reacting to abrupt market changes. When such news occurs, you do not need to shut down the AI. To handle high market volatility, We have integrated advanced unique trading algorithms into our robot, which can detect changes and respond intuitively.
We highly recommend renting a VPS with a stable internet connection. The AI is designed to run on the VPS rather than your laptop or desktop to prevent server disconnections and operation failure.
It is not a Martingale or an Arbitrage trading strategy. Instead, it is a unique rapid scalping technique that uses a sophisticated trading algorithm with a pure winning strategy

YaWaBeh AI is completely independent of any other Expert Advisor on the market. Here are some of our live performances and customer testimonials that attest to our novelty and authenticity.

Disclaimer: A few people/traders/internet users, who have neither used our product nor have knowledge about our EA’s strategy, are making false claims on some forums/websites about YaWaBeh AI. We strongly condemn those all comments and irresponsible conclusions, coming from the knobs of FOREX Trading.

Our support services are entirely free and available indefinitely. Our technical support team monitors and resolves customer issues that arise before or after the purchase. We are on duty 24/7 to answer your queries and address all problems.

Yes, absolutely! Our manual guide features easy step-by-step instructions and screenshots that simplify the installation process. You need not spend years learning and researching the Forex market or even monitor the charts all day. Let YaWaBeh AI do the heavy lifting while you smile all the way to the bank

We believe in the saying, ‘A Software is never complete’. As a result, we constantly refine our product. Updates are all about changes in market behaviour or techniques for better results. To learn more about the updates and features we add to the AI, kindly visit the update section on our website.

You can claim the newest updated version free of charge up to 2 times if you are one of our paid customers. Afterwards, you will be charged for upgrading. Older versions of the AI will still remain active. It is up to the clients to decide if they want to upgrade or stick with the current version.

Yes, It does have a sophisticated and distinctive algorithm that is implemented as an “Internal Money Manager.” Among its features are stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop loss commands that protect your account from trading glitches. All this is done in stealth or virtual mode to safeguard you from being duped by brokers.

There are also “Equity Drawdown” and “Equity Drawdown Retracement” Parameters through which you can define the maximum DD limit of their own in terms of %, so the AI will ensure not to exceed the given limits and always work below that level.

Our affiliate program is open to all; simply click on the affiliate tab. You may earn a 10% to 20% commission on every license sale that comes through you. Since our product is reliable and results-oriented, you will have no trouble selling it to others and profiting the most from the transactions.

One main reason is that we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee that protects your money if the AI fails to meet your expectations over time. Besides, the trial or demo version does not harness the full potential of the main system. It is worth mentioning that YaWaBeh AI is not a get-rich-quick software. It is not going to make you wealthy overnight or within a few days.

Nevertheless, the AI guarantees a consistent winning strategy that targets a decent amount of return long-term. Since the Financial market is dynamic in terms of volatility, there could be a slight difference in average daily or weekly performance within a short timeframe. For this reason, a limited-time offer is not indicative of the EA’s full potential when used as a complete version.

For example, a limited-time-based system may generate an excellent ROI on your live or demo account for a week or two, only to fail to maintain such consistency in the long run. You then have no choice of getting your money back, since you purchased the EA based on the imminent satisfaction it creates.

That is not the case with us. You can purchase our AI (full version) and test its performance on a real account for 30 days. If you are satisfied with the outcome, it is yours to keep; otherwise, simply file a refund claim immediately.

We also do not offer free trials owing to the tendency of certain consumers or competitors to take unfair advantage of this service with no genuine intention to buy the AI. Some companies even use competitors’ free trials to get the inside scoop on their products.